As a UX designer, I can help you along your design journey.


  • Conceptualizing, planning, and executing qualitative user interviews
  • Developing generative probes to lead to deeper insights
  • Identifying deep, core issues as well as superficial complaints or compliments
  • Training teams to conduct their own guerrilla research
  • Delivering a clear, concise, supported, and action-oriented research report


  • Synthesizing user research, business goals, and technical requirements
  • Generating rough concept sketches
  • Co-creating concepts with diverse stakeholders
  • Testing ideas with users and stakeholders
  • Creating click-through prototypes (Sketch, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, Illustrator, and more)
  • Building interactive prototypes (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Testing interactive prototypes with users and stakeholders, and presenting results

  Design Deliverables

  • Clearly and attractively capturing both the design vision and the nitty-gritty state, flow, and use case details
  • Creating public or internal process documentation
  • Presenting and workshopping results internally or externally, either as "finished" or as "work-in-progress"
  • Ongoing consulting on implementation and next steps


I've designed digital products ranging in complexity from this website (simple) to a massive database of pharmaceutical recommendations (not so simple). Email me at to request a portfolio.